About our team

“We are a team of builders with a very wide range of experiences that allow us to support and guide

our customers in every step of the project. Our hardwork and flexibility opens the possibilities of innovation 

as well as classical designs inspired by nature. Our leaders have over 15 years of projectleading experiences

working with Oslo, Bærum kommune as well as KID with such projects as Holmenkollbakken, Majorstua skole,

Snarøya skole and way more. Our workers come from families of builders and have been in touch with

ancestral way of building homes as well as taking courses and practicing all around the world to ignite

their passion for woodworking and more. If you are interested to have an adventure of building your home

instead of having a headache to have a roof on your head, dont hesistate, contact us and order free befaring

today and you can see for yourself what our skills can provide for your project.”

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